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Review of "RG300X"

How to play game images

The simplest way to save a game image is:
  1. Prepare a new microSD card.
  2. Format microSD card in FAT32 format
  3. Save the game image (ROM) to the microSD card
  4. Insert the micoSD card on the right side (TF2 / EXT) of the RG300X
  5. Turn on the power and start the emulator you want to play
  6. Select a saved game image



Button operation / hotkey list

Introducing the hotkey list in the RG300X manual.
It also includes useful basic hotkeys, so please refer to it.

  • Cross key: Move
  • A button: Enter
  • B button: Cancel
  • Power button: Power ON/OFF
  • Brightness adjustment power button + volume
  • Forced termination: Power button + Select button
  • Mouse mode: Power button + L1 button (Click button for L2 and R2)
  • Screen adjustment: Power button + A button
  • Sharpness adjustment: Power button + cross key up / down
  • Frame rate display: L button + R button + Y button
  • Maintenance menu: L button + R button + select button
  • FBA menu: L button + R button + start button
  • Exit: Different for each emulator

The setting / exit method differs for each emulator.
It can be set / terminated with the L1 / R1 button, SELECT / START button, power button, etc.



How to exit

Be sure to turn off the power by selecting Settings → Powr Off.


For a more detailed review, see中華ゲーム機「RG300X」を実機レビュー"Please refer to.