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Introducing ANBERNIC RG351MP, is "RG351MP" the final form of the RK3326 device?

ANBERNIC's RK3326 series follows the RG351P, RG351M, and RG351M, and finally a new product called RG351M will be released.
The RG351MP can be selected from three colors: Ocean Blue, Matte Black, and Mint Green.
Personally, I think the two colors Ocean Blue and Mint Green are more attractive.

Compared to the products of the same series as the previous RK 3326, it can be said that it is a device with an analog stick on the right with the same performance ... 3.5 inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 640 x 480 with an aspect ratio of 4: 3. It is an ideal specification for retro games.
The buttons have been improved and the cross-shaped buttons have been reshaped. It's softer, so it's comfortable to use.
We have adopted an online matchup of external WiFi.

Release date and price, Japanese sales site?

It is scheduled to be released at the end of September, but the specific release date will be announced later.
The price is around 16,000 yen, and the specific price will be announced later.

This product, Please note that it will be released at the same time at the designated sales destinations of Amazon Japan.


2021.9.16 Update:

The RG351MP has been officially released.
Japanese customers can purchase at the following three sites.
whatskogame official website:
whatskoOfficial site:
AmazonOfficial site: